Being a Buddy

Miracle League of Findlay

Buddy Guidelines

Being a Buddy in the Miracle League of Findlay is about ensuring the safety of the players and creating an inclusive environment for your player as well as other buddies. This inclusive environment will be built around respect, trust and compassion. The game of baseball is about being part of a team and having fun. With your support, encouragement and enthusiasm you will make this all possible for our players.

A couple of KEY Guidelines to follow while being a Buddy for the Miracle League of Findlay:

  1. Protect the player at all times.  The safety of each player is your number one priority. To create a fun and exciting environment, we must first make sure we create a safe environment for the players to play baseball in. Always be ready to protect your player from potential falls or flying balls. Each player will have different needs and concerns, work with your player to understand how you can make the game a safe and fun experience.

  2. Assist your player by holding their hand, pushing their wheelchair or leading them in the game.  An important part of the Miracle League is the interaction between you and your player. Each player will be looking to you for support, guidance, and encouragement. Holding your players hand, giving them a high five or a hug will help ensure a positive experience for your player.

  3. Always allow the Miracle League Player as much freedom to play his/her own game.  Give your player the chance to be themselves and play the game with as much freedom as possible. Provide your player help as needed. This could mean helping the player with fielding the ball and directing them where to throw it.

  4. Each buddy will be assigned to a player.   You will each have a player to assist during the game (some players may have more than one buddy).   As a buddy, help your player get a hit and circle the bases to score a run each inning. Be in the moment with your player during the game – this means put your cell phone and other distractions away and focus on helping your player to have their best game ever.

  5. Ensure your player has fun – give your player lots of encouragement and cheers!  You will help make your player the star of the day through encouragement and your undivided attention. High fives, cheers and hugs make the difference; be a buddy and a cheerleader.

  6. Arrive at the Miracle Field 15-minutes before each game.  Be ready to play ball with your player. Arrive ahead of time so you and your player have a chance to prepare for the game.